We’ve been through the mill helping brokers muddle through technology solutions. They’re pricey. Require serious integration. And, in the end, demand time you don’t have to convince your agents to use them.

People pitch me technology constantly. Almost all of it is either too complicated, too expensive or just makes no sense. But Nudge is totally unique and got my agents really excited.
John Vatistas
CEO, Russ Lyon Sotheby's
International Realty

Screw that.

We think real estate software should be cool, fun, usable, beautiful and effective. It should set you and your agents so far apart from competitors who insist on doing the same old, same old.

Meet Nudge.

  1. Nudge is unlike any real estate software you’ve seen
  2. Nudge takes agents seconds to trigger. No “Dummies” course required to use it.
  3. Nudge is the whipped cream and sprinkle you’ll place on your recruiting pitch.
  4. Nudge is gorgeous. Couldn’t you use a little of that?
  5. Nudge won’t drain your wallet. Or cost your IT team an extra case of Red Bull to implement.

Nudge will reinvent how your agents market the core of their value - what they know about local real estate - to the world. No more charts and graphs that require a masters degree to understand. No one reads that stuff. It’s work!

Marketing is about stopping people in their tracks when they’re blazing through their day. It’s about getting to the point in a flash and people to action. Even when they hadn’t planned on it.

We built this to do just that.


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  • A beautiful online marketing solution your agents will love.

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